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How to approach German wines

Some general thoughts on the wines of Germany

Winesearcher: German Wines

Wikipedia: German Wines (good for historical background)

Wines of Germany (the official promotion site … good general info)

German wine map sources

Vineyards.com: German Wine Regions

Vinepair: Complete Introduction to the Wines of Germany – Map and Infographic

Interviews with Terry Theise

And finally, a poor quality video but a TON of great info … an interview with the amazing former wine importer Terry Theise, who basically taught me everything I know about Riesling and German wine. Please, take the time to watch this interview. Terry is one of the best, and his books are must reads. He talks about Riesling for the first 1/3, but continues about Grower Champagne for the rest (still fascinating).

The way Terry talks about Riesling is like a wine love letter.

And one more interview … a more current interview with Karen McNeil, author of The Wine Bible.