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The new and the unknown: Vézelay

In 2017, a new appellation was designated for Burgundy: Vézelay AOC. This small region, which is also a UNESCO Heritage Site, is located south of Chablis and west of the Côte d’Or … kinda in the middle of nowhere.

They have been growing Chardonnay here for decades, and since the 1980s have been allowed to sell the grapes and wine for addition to basic Bourgogne wines. Soon after, they were approved for Bourgogne-Vézelay labeling (a big deal, being able to see your town’s name on the label, even if it was just Bourgogne level wine). In 2017, full appellation status was given to the area.

These are super neat wines. Or I should say the one we have tasted is super neat … hardly any Vézelay is in the United States so my sample group is tiny. 😉

The soils are what set this area apart from Chablis to the north, as explained in the video.

You can see where Vézelay is on our Burgundy map, just south of Chablis:

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