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The Pfalz, Rheingau, and Mosel Valley

These are the big three. There are, of course, many other sub-regions in Germany but these are the three you’ll run into the most. Let’s learn more!

The Pfalz

Winesearcher: Pfalz

Jancis Robinson: Pfalz

Truly Fine Wine: Pfalz Wine Region

The Rheingau

Winesearcher: Rheingau

Wine For Normal People: 9 Things To Know About the Rheinegau Wine Region (a GREAT article!)

The Mosel Valley

Winesearcher: Mosel

Wine Folly: The Mosel Wine Guide

Conde Nast Traveler: When in Germany (Mosel), Drink Riesling

Wine Tourism: Travel Guide to the Mosel Region