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The Founding Families of Willamette Valley

This is something amazing to think about, and to really absorb: Willamette Valley is an infant in the world of wine regions. We are barely 60 years past the very first Vitus vinifera vines going in the ground in Willamette Valley, and we know exactly who has done what and when. Most of the pioneers are still with us, but unfortunately we’ve lost “Papa Pinot,” the first, David Lett of The Eyrie Vineyards. However, his wife Diana and son Jason continue the tradition of the winery.

In November 2020 we did a webinar specifically on this subject. This was right before Thanksgiving so you also get an earful about how we cook our turkey (we LOVE Thanksgiving!).

Here are the replays (the router crashed on us halfway through, so the video is in two parts):

And part two, after the router recovered:

Websites of discussed wineries:
The Eyrie Vineyards
Adelsheim Vineyards
Knudsen Vineyards
Bethel Heights Vineyards
Ponzi Vineyards

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And if you’re looking for a bottle of the Eyrie Vineyards Original Vines Pinot Noir, here’s a wine-searcher.com link: