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One last bit on Trentino

Map of Trentino, from Wikipedia

If it seems we’ve been emphasizing Alto Adige over Trentino, you are correct.

It’s not that we prefer one over the other … there are some GREAT wines made in Trentino! But the truth of the matter is that most of the great wines of Trentino are consumed there, due to the strong tourism near Lake Garda and the proliferation of cafe culture in Verona.

What arrives in America from Trentino, for the most part, are of two camps: the great sparkling wines of Trentodoc, and mass-production forgettable wines such as Cavit.

But we wanted to give a few more links to information and articles about Trentino, just to balance things out a bit. Here you go!

Wine Searcher: Trentino (with a nice breakdown of the DOCs and the grape varieties)

Vinepair: A Beginner’s Guide to Trentino, Northern Italy’s Wine Mecca

Wine Enthusiast: Dynamic and Terroir-Driven, Trentino is the Wine Region of the Year (2020)

Vinous: Trentino New Releases (which is of course going to be out of date in due time … but the article has lots of info on the variety of wines to be found in this region)