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Key grapes: Sauvignon Blanc

One of our favorite grapes! So bright, so refreshing!

Sauvignon Blanc is justifiably popular, for the acidity is the perfect foil to the foods that we tend to love: the oily and the rich (which doesn’t mean bad for us necessarily … think of salmon).

More links for learning

A good overview on the Sauvignon Blanc grape.

Learn more about the history of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc.

Learn more about Pouilly-Fume and Sancerre, the two great Sauv Blanc regions of the Loire Valley in France. And here is our awesome map of the Loire Valley, breaking down all the sub-regions.

Learn more about Sauvignon Blanc’s role in Bordeaux, and how it is counter-balanced with Semillon.

In Chile, interestingly, Sauvignon Blanc was misidentified early on. Most Chilean Sauvignon blanc for a century was actually the Friulano grape from Italy, also known as Sauvignonasse or Sauvignon Vert from Bordeaux. Here’s the whole story.

And a fine article from Wine Enthusiast on the differences between Sauvignon Blancs around the world.