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How to buy Burgundy: hints and tips

Finding a good wine merchant for Burgundy can be a challenge.

Burgundy is a specialty subject, and it’s not often you find a wine store that really invests in a range of Burgundy. As you can imagine, their goal is to move product and let’s be honest: not a lot of people are rushing in wanting to drop $100 on a bottle of Clos Vougeot.

That being said, hunt around in your local fine wine shops. Ask questions. Tell them what you’re doing with this course.

What you’re looking for is 1) interaction; 2) questions; 3) curiosity. That trifecta shows that you are in a good shop.

The other key about a good local wine shop is they can special order single bottles for you from local merchants. So don’t hesitate to reach out them with specific requests, just know that it may take a week for the wine to arrive. “I’m looking for a great Volnay that’s drinking well now” is a perfectly reasonable request.

A few of our favorite producers

Note this is not a complete list. But we wanted to tip our hats toward personal favorite Burgundy houses that make consistently interesting and accurate wines. These are the ones we seek out regularly, and the ones you’ll see in our videos.

Bouchard Pere & Fils

Joseph Drouhin

William Fèvre (Chablis)

Vincent Girardin

Henri Gouges (Nuits-St.-Georges)

Jean Dauvissat (Chablis)

Louis Michel er Fils (Chablis)

Raveneau (Chablis)

Armand Rousseau

Comte Georges de Vogüe

Domaine de la Pousse d’Or


Etienne Sauzet



Tollot-Beaut et Fils

J.M Boillot

Daniel et Julien Barraud