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Southern Spain, and Basics of Sherry

Andalucia is one of the most historic wine regions of Europe, but is often overlooked except for, of course, the Sherry wines produced in Jerez. Below are articles and links separated between the wine regions, and a focus on Sherry.

The video on Sherry is made by Bourget Imports, a top level boutique wine importer in Eagan, Minnesota, and stars our good friend Annette Peters. Annette is one of the sharpest minds in the wine biz, and she does a great job in this video explaining what Sherry is all about (far better than I could do!).

Southern Spain Wine Regions (a general overview)

Key wine region profiles on Winesearcher:

Vineyards.com: Andalucia Wine Region Map

Catavino: Wine of Andalucia, On The Rise

Wine Enthusiast: The Stars of Southern Spain (outdated wine recommendations, but solid info on the sub-regions)


Sherry is an amazing, historic, and confusing category of wine. The oxidized styles are a new take on wine for many drinkers, and if not enjoyed with knowledge and context then sadly many people dismiss these wines as ‘what grandpa drank.’

The truth is, with some education and some tasting experiences (especially with the right foods), Sherry will reveal a whole new level of wine appreciation you didn’t think was possible.

Take it slow, learn the styles, and try to experience the wines in context (such as at a wine bar that gets it, where you can taste small samples of a range of wines), rather that buying full bottles to pop on your own.

The Manual: A Beginner’s Guide to Sherry (good overview of the styles)

Sherry Notes: Sherry Types

Sherry.wine: Sherry Wine (with good images of flor, the blending process, and more)

And the book, Sherry: A Modern Guide to the World’s Best Kept Wine Secret, is highly recommended if this topic intrigues you. Here’s a preview from Amazon (just click on “Preview” and you’ll see it):