It comes down to telling a story

What makes this wine different from others?

What makes this wine similar to others?

Why was this winery started?

What struggles led to winery success?

When did they face failure?

Was there one hero in the winery that saved the day?

When did all of this happen?

How many acts are in this winery’s play?

How did the winery come into your portfolio?

What led to the success they have today?

How does it fit in the world of wine?

What challenges does this brand face in the next five years?

Are those challenges embraced or ignored?

Selling of wine is about telling stories. It’s about having the stories ready to roll at a moment’s notice. It’s about crafting the story to engage those ancient mental hooks in all of our brains that constantly fish for interaction, going back to cavemen around a campfire, telling each other about things and events.

Take one of your wineries and start with this: “Once upon a time …”

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