Happy Labor Day 2016 … on your mark, get set …

We’ve reached the end of another summer and the SOND selling season is just about to kick off. Over half of the wine sold in the United States is sold in the upcoming four months. A couple of weeks ago I urged you to take your foot off the gas. Now it’s time to do the opposite.

To have greater success, have you:

… set the right goals, the right way?

… made a not to do list?

… figured out who to target with what specific categories?

… planned out fewer choices for greater sales?

… learned that 1 times 26 does not equal 26?

… embraced the idea of pulling up?

… figured out what the value of a wine truly is?

… and finally, never forget why people drink wine.

Happy Labor Day! One more day to chill out just a bit, but if you’re like me you get fidgety and can’t sit still for too long. The summer is done, the kids are back in school, the colder air is about to move it. I want to hit the gas pedal right now.

On your mark. Get set. GO! 


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