Archery, Soccer, Weightlifting, and Wine

Competition level archery is all about preparation, zen like calm, focus, detail, equipment, and timing the release of the arrow to nail the target. It’s a solo sport for the most part, thought at the highest level there can be teams of coaches involved. The bullseye is hit often but repeating the feat is the real challenge.

World Cup or Olympic level soccer is about the team, and how the team can slowly push and work and retreat and push again to carefully develop and expand weaknesses in the opponent’s defense. Then the game gets really fun to watch, as a burst of energy, several perfectly placed passes, and maybe a fancy move or two results in a rare goal.

Weightlifting is all about building up for one moment. It’s about finding the inner power to achieve something many (including the lifter herself) might feel is impossible. It’s about intense concentration after months or years of training to achieve a moment of success, after which the release of mental and physical energy is enough to cause some to pass out. That’s a serious use of energy.

When it comes to selling wine, some wines sold to some accounts call for an archer. Preparation, focus, and the proper release of information, sales pitch, and closing offer at just the right moment.

Some call for a soccer team, where you need to bring in outside help, slowly work the edges and fringes, and when the time is right you are there ready to zoom in. But it takes time, and that’s okay.

Lastly some call for a weightlifter, where it really is one big moment of massive energy exertion, but the results can be celebrated immediately.

What kind of selling you do depends on the buyer, the product, the moment, the needs, and the goals. Wine Pros know what technique is needed before the sales cycle begins. Wine Amateurs make it up as they go along, or worse yet use the same style and techniques with all buyers. 

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